• Aerates wine instantly as you pour
  • Improves flavor and bouquet
  • No decanter needed
  • FDA approved materials
  • Softens tannins resulting in a more pleasant finish any bitterness or bad aftertaste is reduced or eliminated
  • Award winning design that after pouring a glass fits into top of your bottle to allow you to catch all drops and eliminate dripping

Try this side by side test

Pour some red wine into a glass from a freshly opened bottle. Raise this glass to your nose, smell the aroma, then taste the wine.

Then take a second glass and holding the Vin-aire over it, pour the same amount through the Vin-Aire into the glass, all from the same bottle. Notice aeration happening as the wine inhales air through the side openings and then swirls down through the “aire funnel” before it reaches the glass. Raise this glass.

You will notice the difference immediately the wine in the second glass will have a more open bouquet to allow you to identify more smells and the taste will be smoother, with softer tannins and a very strong finish.

That will be the reason that you will use the Vin-Aire whenever you serve red wine. It comes with a stand that you can take to your favourite restaurant or friends house!

Our History

It is a well known fact that red wine needs to breathe and thus open up to release its aromas and creating a smoother finish. The Vin-Aire wine aerator incorporates art and style while expediting this process. We designed and crafted a wine aerator that is truly a work of art. Our award winning design gives each and every glass of wine enhanced flavors and superior bouquets. Simply pour your next glass of wine through the Vin-Aire wine aerator. You will hear the air gently aerating your wine in seconds and you will smell and taste the difference instantly.

Let Vin-Aire breathe life into your next glass of wine.

Aeration improves the flavour and bouquet of a newly opened bottle of red wine. The conventional method of aerating wine is to pour it into a decanter and let it air out typically for 20-60 minutes before serving. But now you can gently aerate your wine right into the glass with the Vin-Aire aerator. It is designed to provide just the amount of aeration, enough to soften the wines tannins but not too much to flatten the taste.

Care instructions

Before initial use wash in warm soapy water and then rinse through with warm water.

For safe cleaning and to extend the life of the product – wash by hand, not in a dishwasher.

Rinse through as above at the end of the night or after use.

The Vin-Aire should also be rinsed between wine bottles if changing vintage and or varietal.